Document Unitization, Document Coding & Litigation Coding Services

Structured Concepts provides document unitization and document coding services that facilitate our clients to successfully engage the true value of the information contained in their various paper and analog file formats. Document unitization is the process of establishing the beginning and ending pages (boundaries) of a document or record. Document unitization can be logically or physically executed. We start the process with two unitization steps: Physical and Logical. A brief process of how this is done with our structured methodology is provided below.

Physical Unitization
Staples, paper clips, physical barriers, etc. are used to determine document boundaries without regard to the internal page relationship within the physically bound document. When physically unitizing documents the attachment range is identical to the document boundaries because they are both based on the same physical barriers, i.e., staples, paper clips, etc.

Logical Unitization
Document boundaries are established by logically identifying the beginning and ending pages of a document based on their relationship or lack of relationship to adjacent pages. The attachment range is based on physical barriers while the document boundaries are logically determined often resulting in multiple documents within the same attachment range.

Document Coding
Document coding is the process of establishing the objective and subjective coding of a document or record. We are currently coding real state courthouse agreements based on the below mentioned fields:

  1. Grantor
  2. Grantee
  3. Political Subdivisions (Section, Township, Range, 1/4, Government, Lot, Abstract Name, Abstract Number)
  4. Volume
  5. Page
  6. Block / Building / Subdivision / Town Home / Condo Name
  7. Document No. or (Reception No.)
  8. Acreage
  9. Legal Description
  10. Document type
  11. Related document: Volume / Page
  12. Date of Instrument
  13. Recording Date
  14. Notary State
  15. Notary Date
  16. Term of contract

Upon the completion of the coding process, we index the images by 12 different fields representing things such as book and page, document type, date, legal description, etc. We also convert the legal descriptions to plat for future use in GIS applications in automated fashion. The index with legal description allows us to create an automated process that generates a GIS polygon for each parcel or tract seamlessly.

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