Document Conversion

Structured Concepts provides document conversion services that facilitate our clients to successfully engage the true value of the information contained in their paper files. The benefits gained from our document conversion services result in increased productivity, performance and a positive impact on the return of investment. Our clients realize tangible benefits that reduce their total document management expense while increasing profits by optimizing their business processes. Industry statistics show that almost 60 percent of company's human resources spend time in finding, formatting, and structuring information, rather than creating new content. Companies that are struggling to overcome this hurdle can benefit immensely from document conversion services from Structured Concepts.

Document conversion is the process of creating digital images and then converting them to the required archival format (Word documents, Power Point presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Html, Xml and myriad of other formats) from various media, such as paper, microfiches or microfilms. At Structured Concepts, we provide quality document conversion solutions designed to meet the individual needs of all our clients. We are able to

  • Provide document conversion from one format to any or multiple formats
  • Create custom data conversion processes
  • Provide support for all languages

We are able to accept your document conversion requirements in CDs, DVDs, paper documents, Microfilms, Microfiches, through secure FTP, and/or other convenient format.

Talk to us if you require document conversion. Some limited examples of what can be converted to another format are provided below.

  • Books to HTML, XML, XHTML, searchable PDF and MS Word
  • Paper Documents/scanned images to MS Word
  • Scanning and conversion of paper documents
  • Book & Paper Catalog Conversion
  • Scanned paper reports/ images to Electronic Format
  • Image to Xhtml and TIFF to PDF
  • XML Conversion

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