Data Entry, Data Conversion & Forms Entry Services

Why is Data Entry Important? And why should you choose your data entry services provider carefully. Read on to find how we can make your online / offline data entry tasks easier.

The speed of production today makes the accessibility of precise, comprehensive information an absolute essential. Whether your corporation is multi-national or just starting off, the more you know about markets, customers, or clients; the better you can track results, measure efficiency, and analyze data; and the faster you have vital information, the better your results will be. This holds good for corporations, physicians, attorneys, automobile manufacturers, hospitals, marketing companies, and just about any other business you can imagine that needs information fast.

Businesses are always looking for the information that will help them run day-to-day operations or to plan for the development of future growth. Customer satisfaction surveys are a constant of modern life as are comment cards, coupon mailers, and contests. Some companies can be virtually overwhelmed by the amount of data entry required just to keep things moving. This can be especially true of medical facilities, insurance groups, collection agencies, and marketing companies. Availing the benefits of Data Entry Services from Structured Concepts can make a lot of difference in your business performance, whether small or big. It allows you to increase the tempo of your business activities in a rapid pace, save time, save money and gives you multiple competitive advantages.

We understand the need for a data entry focus when planning and executing marketing campaigns, tracking patient outcomes, or determining the effectiveness of collections. If the information is important to your company's success, it must be done right. We developed Form Data Entry Services to help you find the solutions you need to keep up with the pace of business today.

Some of the current web research and Intelligent Data Entry Services projects which we are currently executing for clients are as mentioned below:

  • Web research of Cell phones and data entry in Excel Spreadsheet for a Canadian Cell Phone Company. We are assimilating almost 22 fields of specification through web research as well as cell phone images. These images are then cropped, edited and uploaded to the Clients website.
  • Web research of wineries and different wines pertaining to their date of manufacture, type, origins etc. in an excel spreadsheet for a UK based company.
  • Research of Job requirements and postings for a USA based recruitment and placement firm.
  • Web research and Data entry of leading school's in the USA in an excel spreadsheet using super copy paste or by manual data entry. We are currently entering about 1,00,000 records per day.

We can handle more than the areas that we are performing in and the ideas that we have listed below. Talk to us and let us propose a solutions for your business.

  • Attorney Legal Practices: Clients lists, and pertinent case information
  • Associations & Organizations: Mailing lists, members lists, petitions, surveys, etc.
  • Automobile Companies: Rebates, recalls, surveys, comment cards, other promotional material
  • Business Forms Producers: Capture the information from any type of form you have. Delivery in any format you want.
  • Career Opportunities Providers: Resumes, job opportunities, client information and potential employer information.
  • Collection Agencies: Account papers, mailings, client information, delinquent and paid up accounts
  • Direct Mail Companies: Mailing lists, of names and address: catalog data in an organized matter
  • Marketing Companies: Coupon redemption, sweepstakes entries, contest entries, refunds, rebates, mailing lists and catalogs
  • Retail Stores: Sales receipts, coupons, comment cards, and other promotional material

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