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Structured Concepts provides document indexing services that facilitate our clients to successfully engage the true value of the information contained in their various paper and analog file formats. Structured Concepts has experience with a wide variety of document coding and indexing techniques and has skilled operators and in-house programmers specializing in extraction of specific data content from diverse documents to create database information. Our trained document indexing resources can organize your records, create indexes, and prepare your files for electronic storage. Documents can be indexed by any data content or reference. This unique accompanying data file allows our customers to reference their documents easily in their own document management systems also.

We provide all the required and necessary information about our document indexing service and ensure all your needs are met to a high standard. For every project we create a dashboard that monitors the project from day 1 and clearly defines Project Owners, their Roles, Process Steps, Outputs and Quality Control measures and resolution mechanism. This transparent and joint approach to your project makes sure that you are completely confident by using our document indexing services. Document indexing can be accessed by the number or name of the document and can also be displayed in a list ordered due to access selection for easy retrieval. For easy cross reference, document indexing can be printed for any desired period of time.

As a leading company of document indexing, we don't just offer you a high standard and efficient service but we also offer competitive prices.

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