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The rapid growth of medical information can result in information overload, which is a common problem for physicians who are always confronted with a large amount of clinical data. Because they usually have limited time to review the data, physicians need accurate abstracted information about the patient's medical condition presented in a compact and concise manner.

At Structured Concepts we carry out extensive research of the current published literature to ensure our information is accurate and up-to-date. We have specialized in running abstracting journals and have created a unique format for the presentation of single-page abstracts. In the process our experts re purpose and synopsize information into a series of key points while carefully retaining essential information and dispensing with insignificant matter. We can also provide data abstraction on information about employees, customers and products associated with your business.

Since most of the forms are handwritten and run into 100 of pages, our trained agents go through the file, page by page, and create a review of the relevant medical information. Our review consists of the Doctor/Medical Facility, the date of service, the page number(s) the information is located on, and a summary of the information contained within. Of course, not all of the documents in the file are medically relevant to the case at hand, and some pages are kept out of the summary entirely based on the General Guidelines provided by you.

We are currently processing about 10,000 pages a day for our current Clients with a 24 Hour turnaround time guarantee. We also understand that we are dealing primarily with personal medical information, which has been carefully safeguarded under HIPAA regulations, making confidentiality and security of the documents paramount.

If you are writing a scientific paper, your abstract will the first component that will be looked at. The medical writers at Structured Concepts can tell your story the way you want it told. Our high quality abstract writing services let you concentrate on your research. Just send us your rough manuscript draft and we will write a medical abstract for you.

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