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About Structured Concepts
We are a market-leading solutions provider in the business process outsourcing, transaction processing, Medical Insurance billing and in back office support functions like Transaction Management, Insurance and Tax, and Enterprise Services Industries. We consistently deliver customized, cost-effective solutions to meet the operational and financial goals of our overseas clients.
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ECODE - European Centre for Offshore Development +44(0)23 9248 3700 ECODE - European Center for Offshore Development providing UK based offshore outsourcing project management and consultancy to companies in Western Europe and the USA.

Offshore Incorporations
It offers information about the existence of offshore incorporation and its advantages and disadvantages.

IT Support Services Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth
An IT services directory with case studies and detailed BIO's where you can rate your provider post sale

Allied Time
From simple employee punch clocks to sophisticated network solutions, choose Allied Time for your employee payroll needs.
Protect yourself from identity theft and credit fraud through proven systems at Safe Guard ID.

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