Differentiators: Our Process Expertise

At Structured Concepts, use of process design transition methodology depends upon You - the customer. We do not mandate any specific methodology since all processes go through a different curve which in the transition phase. The life cycle model followed by projects are decided based upon the scope of the project and the customers' standards and requirements. Following a standard life cycle model applicable for all projects becomes difficult in a dynamic situation as such. Hence, we identify the appropriate generic approach to project management and customize it as per the specific process requirements.

Our business process transition process is defined as a framework to manage the complete BPO process transition management and subsequent operations. This service relocation platform is geared up to ensure maximum procedure accuracy and minimizing inherent shifting risks. The plan includes a tried and experienced process to support changeover. This is done by ensuring that there is a documented methodology with formats, tools, measurements and guidelines in place to aid the transition team, which mitigates the risk as much as possible. Our project management system captures critical client documentation and incorporates an our knowledge base that not only helps the management team in understanding but also develops mission-critical business processes. Our process expertise ensure that we keep transition client centric so it it seamlessly integrates with the execution at our facilities.

We have built in metrics in each element that form a part of our business approach towards your project that engages in the creation of value thereby having a positive impact on your bottom line. Our service fabric is a closely woven knit of our services across several industry verticals that offer service delivery capabilities and the flexibility to meet your requirements while ensuring the highest levels of quality and substantial value in terms of cost.